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Our free range Shropshire bronze turkeys

Free range bronze turkey from Brisbourne Geese Nesscliffe near Shrewsbury ShropshireWe added bronze turkeys to our poultry enterprise a few years ago and like the geese they have proved ever more popular with customers who like to know their producer.

We have reared our turkeys from day olds which arrived at the beginning of July. They have been carefully selected from slow growing strains and are allowed to grow to maturity, which allows the meat to develop fully. They are bred for ‘good old fashioned’ flavour and texture. This is worlds apart from the modern fast growing commercially killed and processed turkeys.

Brisbourne Geese of Nesscliffe near Shrewsbury Shropshire rear free range bronze turkey for ChristmasOur poults venture out onto grass paddocks to roam freely during the day and like the geese they are brought indoors each night, for protection reasons, bedded down daily on fresh straw. Though sheltered at night they are still open to fresh air and natural light.

The turkeys feed ad lib on home produced wheat (grown to Farm Assured standards) and a specially prepared corn ration, without the use of growth promoters and additives. We believe that our turkeys will provide you with the best taste and quality of turkey for your festive celebrations.

Brisbourne Geese Shropshire rear free range bronze turkey for ChristmasOur turkeys are traditionally processed in December for fresh collection. Each bird is individually dry plucked then hung for 7-10 days in a chilled environment to develop an even fuller flavour. All birds are dressed and finished by hand.

On collection each turkey will be oven ready with vacuum packed giblets, presented in a convenient carry home box along with cooking instructions. When you arrive home store your turkey and giblets separately in the refrigerator.

When you collect your bronze turkey don’t be surprised by the black stubs from the feathers, they are the best way to recognise a real bronze turkey and will shrivel during roasting.

Brisbourne Gees Shrewsbury Shropshire