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Our free range Shropshire geese

Free range goose for Christmas from Brisbourne Geese Shrewsbury ShropsireWe receive our day old goslings in May from Norfolk-based Danish Legarth strain breeding stock. From experience these birds provide the best frame to build on for the Christmas market.

The geese are reared free range, grazing fields adjacent to the old A5 which passes through Nesscliffe, they have become quite a local landmark. They graze and roam freely with ad lib supplements of home produced wheat (grown to Farm Assured standards), potatoes and a specially prepared corn ration, without the use of growth promoters and additives.

At night the geese are brought indoors, for protection reasons, bedded down daily on fresh straw. Though sheltered at night they are still open to fresh air and natural light. All our geese grow naturally to reach full maturity.

Brisbourne Geese - free range from Shrewsbury ShropshireOur geese are traditionally processed in December for fresh collection. Each bird is individually dry plucked and waxed then hung for 7-10 days in a chilled environment to produce a deep and succulent flavour. All birds are dressed and finished by hand.

On collection each goose will be oven ready with vacuum packed giblets and some fat, all presented in a convenient carry home box along with cooking instructions. When you arrive home, store your goose and giblets separately in the refrigerator.

Roast goose makes for a very special Christmas celebration. Goose is a rich succulent meat so you don’t need large portions.

Free range goose forChristmas form Brisbourne Geese Shrewsbury ShropshireGoose fat is a fundamental part of the appeal of a goose. It contains a low level of saturated fats and a higher proportion of the more desirable mono-unsaturated and essential fatty acids and only a mere trace of cholesterol.

Goose fat is highly prized amongst top chefs; use it to roast your potatoes for superb results, also for basting other meats and for excellent pastry. It will store in your refrigerator for several months and also freezes well.

If you want to order a goose for an occasion other than Christmas, for example, New Year, as several of our customers do, collection would still be made before Christmas and your goose should then be frozen to enjoy later. Freezing has no adverse effect and allows you to enjoy your goose when you like.

Brisbourne Gees Shrewsbury Shropshire