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Free range geese and bronze turkeys from Shropshire - ready for Christmas 2021!

All orders for Geese and Turkeys placed on this website, or by phone or email, are for COLLECTION by yourselves at our address: Broomhill Farm, Nesscliffe, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 1AX.
Collecting your order
Collection is now only available on the 22nd December. We are open from 8.00am until 6.30pm.
We are not open on the 24th December. We do not offer a Mail Order or a delivery service.

About our free range Shropshire geese

About Brsibourne Shropshire Free Range Geese for Christmas

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Brisbourne Geese Shropshire

About our free range Shropshire bronze turkeys

About Brisbourne Shropshire Free Range Bronze Turkeys for Christmas

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Brisbourne Geese Shropshire

Brisbourne Geese, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Welcome to Brisbourne Geese. Here you can find out all about how we raise our wonderful birds and prepare them for your Christmas celebrations.

Cooking your goose or turkey couldn't be easier:

Why not see how we recommend cooking your English free range Brisbourne Goose, or free range English Brisbourne Bronze Turkey? Click here for our step by step guides.

We hope that you will choose to order a Brisbourne Goose or Turkey for your Christmas holiday. There's none finer!

Happy Christmas for 2021!

Brisbourne Gees Shrewsbury Shropshire